Air, Water and Energy in the Industrial Revolution

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This resource explores the main changes wrought by the Industrial Revolution during the 18th and 19th Centuries. A local study of industry in Leeds enables students to set local patterns in the context of national changes.

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Curriculum links:

KS3 Geography - Environment issues 
KS3 History - Ideas, political power, industry and empire: Britain 1745-1901 - Britain as the first industrial nation
KS4 History - British social and economic history after 1750
KS3 Science - Energy and electricity

Aim of resource:

To explore the history of the Industrial Revolution and its environmental consequences

Learning objectives:

Knowledge of the Industrial Revolution and issues surrounding it
Understanding of the pros and cons of applications of environmental science
Skills to apply concepts to an industrial context and to research, select, organise and present relevant information in a suitable form

Discussion ideas:

  • What other sources of renewable power are available today which were not available during Benjamin Gott’s time?
  • What effect did the Mill have on the local environment when it was producing masses of cloth which was being exported worldwide?
  • How is the site is being used to day, and what measures are being taken to reduce its carbon footprint?
  • What more could be done to make the site a greener site?
  • How could the Armley Mills site help to raise awareness of environmental issues

Activity ideas:

  • How do you think the lives of working people have improved since 1800. Look at some of photos in this resource for ideas, then write them down. Do some internet research to find evidence for each one.

  • Research words or phrases that originated from the textile trades. 

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