A Victorian Farm in Action

So You Want to Work at Church Farm?

This activity explores what it was like to work on a Victorian Farm.


Learning Objectives

  • Pupils will use a variety of different forms of evidence to find out about the past including video, images and artefacts.
  • Pupils will use appropriate formats for expressing their ideas and feelings.
  • Pupils will learn about some of the typical jobs and activities undertaken at a Victorian farm.


Explain that it is the last years of the 19th Century and that they are about to leave school and need to find a job. Show pupils the Church Farm job advert.

Ask pupils what they know about the different jobs listed on the job advert. What do they think were the main duties and responsibilities of each one?

Pupils should then select the job they think they would like to apply for, and use the Victorian Jobs information sheet along with the images on the right hand side of this page to research information about the different jobs. They can also carry out supervised internet research. Pupils can then record their findings on the Job at the Farm worksheet.


Once pupils feel they have enough information, ask them to write a letter to the owner of Church Farm applying for their chosen job. They could use the letter template provided.



Pupils could also try the 'So You Want to Work at Church Farm?' quiz to apply for the job!

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