A Victorian Farm in Action

Teachers' notes

This resource contains teaching activities based around life on a Victorian Farm. Pupils will discover what it was like to work and live on a farm during the Victorian times through a range of artefacts as well as footage of the steam threshing machine and cooking in the Victorian kitchen. Film clips showing elements of Victorian rural life such as apple-pressing and corn-dolly making are also included. Pupils can test their knowledge at the end of the project using the 'So You Want to Work at Church Farm' quiz.


The materials are designed to support a classroom based, cross-curricular project aimed at KS2 with the focus on History and Literacy (with links to Science energy and forces). It is suitable for use by pupils either as a stand-alone resource or in conjunction with a visit to Church Farm Museum.


Curriculum Links

KS2 History

Historical Enquiry, Organisation and Communication, Local History Study and Victorian Britain.



KS2 Science


Materials and Their Properties, Physical Processes, Forces and Motion

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