A History of Animation

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Curriculum links:

KS2-3 Arts Award - young persons identify and experience a range of art forms

KS3 Art and Design - New technologies - Moving image, Animation

KS3 History: - Knowledge and understanding of events, people and changes in the past; Historical enquiry

Aim of resource:

This resource is designed for use in the classroom to support Art and Design and History, using the topic Animation: the history of the moving image. 

Learning objectives:

Knowledge of historical developments in animation 

Understanding of how different animation techniques work

Skills to create different types of animation

Discussion ideas:

  • What types of animations have you seen or heard of?
  • Can you think of any famous animators?
  • How do you think people like Louis Le Prince came up with the idea of making animation using photography?
  • Which technique explained within this resource do you think is most effective and why?
  • Have you seen any early films?
  • How do you think people felt watching moving pictures for the first time?
  • What would you miss most if you went back in time before the invention of moving pictures?



Explore animation inventions and techniques throughout time via videos, a timeline, worksheets and a quiz.


Linked workshop:

Contact Cara Jardine at Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills on 0113 224 4368 to discuss schools workshops for KS3 groups.

See also our related resource - Animation Toolkit - featuring videos showing how to make four different kinds of animations.

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