A History of Animation

What is Animation?

Animation means to have energy and enthusiasm. With relation to film the term means making photographs, drawing, objects and clay models for example appear as if they are moving.


The first images of this type were recorded in 1888 by a man called Louis Le Prince in Leeds on Leeds Bridge.


Louis used a special type of photographic film to record the images. Individual pictures (frames) were taken quickly, one after the other and when the images were projected the people, animals and vehicles appeared to be moving. This is called a 'motion picture'.


The projector shines light through the film and magnifies the images to enable it to be viewed by an audience. This type of technology is still used today. A collection of large projectors made by Kalee, a company based in Leeds are on permanent display at Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills.


See also our related resource - Animation Toolkit - featuring videos showing how to make four different kinds of animations.

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